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Is it really hard to find a real guy? And by real I mean real. No fucking snap backs or sagging or listening to gay ass pussy rap music. I mean someone who enjoys classic rock, led zeppelin , pink Floyd, queen, the smiths, etc.
Or even indie rock, vampire weekend, animal collective , arctic monkeys. Or even my middle school faves, alternative rock, linkin park, green day, system of a down, etc. or that likes real shows like its always sunny in Philadelphia , the walking dead , breaking bad, the office, adult swim. How about video games eh? God, if you love video games , I love you. I guess I’ll let it slide if you play Xbox. But I enjoy ps3. Films must be directed by Quentin Tarantino in order to be in my top favorites. Will Ferrell movies are my favorites too. Lets cuddle and listen/watch all these things. Marvel too . I wish I was in highschool in the 80s… Message me if you want to chat sometime .. Or just talk.. Please .. I’m lonely..
(I’m a girl who’s in her teen years)
My kik: PinkZeppelinMercury


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